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Equipment Reservation Schedule

Lakeview Elementary School has:
  • 12 laptops
  • 2 Carts with 25 Chromebooks (Cart D & E)

that can be signed out for use. These will be located in Room #209, the Mobile lab. Since multiple items may need to go to various locations at the same time, I can not deliver or pick them up from your room reliably. Unfortunately, we can not let you take Chromebooks out individually; you will need to take the whole cart out. Each class or instructor will be responsible for picking up, returning or delivering the items when they are finished. If you are scheduled directly after someone else, feel free to communicate with that individual to possibly have the item delivered directly to your classroom after use.

Below is a schedule of who has reserved items with the day, time and location they will be used. If you would like to reserve a laptop, please view the calendar and then e-mail me your requested times. It will be on a first come-first serve basis. If another staff member is using them during the time slot you requested, you may contact them and work something out. Whatever is decided, please let me know which items will be going where.

•    Please return the items promptly (so teachers do not need to hunt them down)
•    Use the "Week, Month, Agenda" tabs in the top right to get a better view of reservations.
•    Click on a reservation to get more details like its ending time.
•    If possible, use the items while plugged in. There may not be time for them to charge before the next reservation. Power strips will be available if you need more outlets.
•    Shutdown the items before returning them.
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